About Us..

DMA is an NGO concerned with improving the medical sector in the society. It targets building a strong bridge between the medical experties and the society. It works to encourage doctors scientific levels by improving their current knowledge and mixing them with high humanitarian values in order to serve the community with the best standards. Also has some service and activities which are mentioned below.

Improving Doctors Knowledge

  • Seminars
  • Training courses
  • Conferences
  • Medical trips
  • Studying abroad
  • Research groups
  • Academic board

Providing Public Education:

  • Public events and Seminars
  • Monthly magazine
  • Social (mass) Media
  • Students education (medical lecture) at their schools
  • Special Training Courses

Medical Student Service

  • Training Courses
  • Exchange programs
  • Economical Support
  • Medical trip
  • Seminars
  • Medical student dialogue